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UnbelievaBuns - *New* Nut-Less High Protein, Low-Carb Bread Buns

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We've been asked several times to create a high-protein, low-carb bun for people with nut allergies. This is our 2nd attempt at removing almond meal from our recipe and replacing it with sunflower seed flour.  It's important to note that these may not be completely nut free as the manufacturing facility is not 100% nut free. So, there may be a chance of cross contamination. It's also important to note that this listing is our 2nd attempt at a formula without nuts. It is a prototype, a test batch. There are not labels on these, but the nutritional facts and macros are the same as our regular UnbelievaBuns. There will be six buns per pack like you see in the picture. If you purchase these, you are our testers, and we're looking for your feedback on the taste and flavor. So, please be sure to share your thoughts with us once you sampled a few.

UnbelievaBuns Feature:

  • Only 119 Calories
  • High in Protein - 17 grams
  • 1.8 Net Carbs
  • High in fiber
  • No Sugar added
  • Nutrient Dense - Made with ingredients such as flax, oat and wheat protein.
  • Made with mostly non-GMO Ingredients
  • Made fresh locally
  • No preservatives, no mystery ingredients, no enriched flours
Allergy Warning: Made with Gluten and may contain some nuts from processing.

Product Details:
Each bag contains 6 high protein, low carb buns. Buns are frozen and will thaw during shipment. Re-freeze immediately upon receipt. Buns are good for 1 year frozen.
Shipping: UnbelievaBuns are made fresh in the Carolina's. The product is perishable, so we only ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid the bread getting stuck in transit over the weekends. You'll receive an automated email with tracking number when your order is ready to ship.