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DISCOUNT BUNS - 1 Bag "small" UnbelievaBuns

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We messed up!

This week the bakery's machine cut the dough into smaller pieces than it was supposed to. The machine is set by computer to cut the buns at the standard 2 oz weight. However, it cut them 15% smaller, so around 1.7 oz. Therefore, we're discounting this batch 25%.

1 bag of 6 buns. Buns are perishable and will need to be frozen or refrigerated within 4 days. 

These Small UnbelievaBuns Feature:
  • Only 100 Calories
  • High in Protein - 14.5 grams
  • 1.5 Net Carbs
  • High in fiber
  • No Sugar added
  • Nutrient Dense - Made with ingredients such as flax, oat and almond meal.
  • Made with mostly USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Made fresh locally
  • No preservatives, no mystery ingredients, no enriched flours

UnBelievaBUNS are perfect for:

  • Burger Chefs: Anybody looking for gourmet buns
  • Health Conscious  
  • Anybody looking to add protein to their diets
  • Diabetics
  • Fitness Buffs - 17 grams of protein!!
  • Dieters - Low Calorie, Low-Carb, Keto
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
  • People who eat Bunless Burgers - Never Sacrifice again!

Allergy Warning: Made with Gluten and Almonds.