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UnbelievaPizza - High Protein, Low-Carb Flatbread Pizza Dough

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UPDATE 6/1/24: Flatbread testing has finally resumed. We know you've been waiting for this for a long time. We're sorry it took so long, but we've had a hard time finding a bakery that can make these for us to our specs. The bakery that made these samples made 2 different batches. The flatbreads in one batch were a little larger than we wanted (about 75g per piece) and the other was perfect (about 50-55g per piece). They bulk- packed and shipped these samples mixed together, so please know that we cannot tell you which one you'll receive. You may even receive a mix of each. 


Listing Details:

We are testing a high protein, low-carb flat bread pizza crust made from our high protein, low-carb dough recipe. The nutritional facts and macros will be the exact same as our UnbelievaBuns on a gram for gram basis. It's important to note that this listing is for our 'prototypes' from test batches. Remember, by placing an order you are ordering our test batch of flatbreads. There will be 3 flatbreads per pack. 


These are par-baked. Just add your toppings and finish baking. We do not have recommended cooking instructions yet, however here's what we've done with good results:

  • Set oven to 375. Toast "toppings" side down first, but without toppings. 
  • Pay close attention because these toast very fast (just a couple of minutes). 
  • Pull out of over and add your toppings to the toasted side. 
  • Place back in oven to finish. The untoasted side will be facing down and will now get toasted while the toppings side (cheese) will cook. 
  • We use par-cooked or fully cooked toppings because the flatbreads will only be in the oven for a couple of minutes to "toast". That's not enough time for the toppings to cook like when you're making pizza from scratch. However, it is enough time to melt the cheese. 

REMEMBER, if you purchase these, you are our testers. We want your feedback on what baking times and temperatures you use and what works best. 

About Us:
We are UnbelievaBread, the brand that created the world's first guilt free burger bun that actually tastes great...Just Like The Real Thing. Now we are using our same UnbelievaDough to make low-carb flat bread pizzas.

You'll receive 1 bag of 3 flat breads. These are shipped frozen, but will thaw during transit. It is highly recommended to re-freeze as soon as your shipment arrives.

UnbelievaBread Flat Bread Pizza Features (per 2oz):
  • Only 119 Calories
  • High in Protein - 17 grams
  • 1.8 Net Carbs
  • High in fiber
  • No Sugar added
  • Nutrient Dense - Made with ingredients such as flax, oat and our special wheat protein flour
  • Our dough is certified non-GMO
  • Made fresh
  • No preservatives, no mystery ingredients, no enriched flours
Allergy Warning: Made with Gluten and may contain nuts from shared processing equipment in bakery.