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Our Bread Page

UnbelievaBuns are the world's first great tasting, high-protein, low-carb bread buns

Since 2013, we have spent countless hours perfecting our recipe and baking process – using only the highest quality methods and ingredients. The result? Bread buns that are perfect for Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and any low-carb/high-protein diet program. They’re also all-natural, Non-GMO, diabetic friendly, and 100% vegan.

But the best thing about UnbelievaBuns is that they’re delicious! While other “healthy breads” fall flat with rock-like texture and unpleasant taste, our buns look and taste just like actual hamburger and hot dog buns. Indeed, UnbelievaBuns are not only the world's first great tasting, high-protein, low-carb bread buns, they also might be the best. Shop UnbelievaBuns Now and taste for yourself!

Only The Best Ingredients + Nutrition

We only use nutrient dense, high quality ingredients like organic flax, almond and olive oil to keep our bread healthy and low carb.  It’s our special wheat protein that gives it the delicious bread flavor you're used to while providing you with high protein. Our breads are also free of preservatives, mold inhibitors, GMOs, anything artificial or other junk that other brands like to add to their products.

In fact, our buns stand out compared to regular hamburger buns not only because of their superior taste, but because of our commitment to using non-GMO ingredients while still making food that is low in carbs and high in protein. This is hard to do but we think it makes a real difference.

 Our tasty low-carb buns are sold throughout the country at Whole Foods, specialty grocery stores, vitamin and supplement stores, and restaurants. Shop UnbelievaBuns Now.