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UnbelievaBuns: Health, Hope, and Inspiration Page

Jason's Story

Many people eat low-carb for health reasons – but what if your life depended on it? People with cancer often adopt restrictive diets to limit sugar intake (since sugar is the fuel for cancer). Some of them are forced to accept a new reality that simply doesn't include eating bread.

When you're in the fight of your life, it helps if you can eat the food you love. But when you can't eat bread, your choices are severely limited. Our friend Jason relies on UnbelievaBuns to keep healthy and motivated as he battles a rare form of brain cancer. Click on the video below to see his story:


People living with diabetes

Cancer patients aren’t the only people who rely on UnbelievaBuns to stay healthy and fit. People living with diabetes are often unable to eat bread because of its impact on blood glucose. UnbelievaBuns helps people with diabetes enjoy bread again.

That claim was put to the test recently when Steve Clemetson, who runs the YouTube channel SeriousKeto, reviewed UnbelievaBuns for his fans. If you're living with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you'll be excited to click the link below and see his review:

People trying to live healthier lives

Most of the people who eat UnbelievaBuns are just trying to live healthier lives. Our signature buns taste like actual hamburger buns but are far superior due to the high-quality ingredients and the health benefits of those ingredients.

UnbelievaBuns are great for Adkins, Keto, Weight Watchers, and anyone trying to eat a healthier diet with more protein and fewer carbs.

People chasing peak performance

Beyond living healthier lives, many people choose UnbelievaBuns because they are serious athletes and fitness buffs.

People who train rigorously can’t afford to waste the effort by eating food that’s too high in carbs, or that spikes the blood. UnbelievaBuns have been engineered to help athletes reach their fitness goals.

UnbelievaBuns are healthy with the perfect nutritional profile of 17 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 1.8 net carbs – the perfect combination of high protein and fiber yet low in carbs. These buns build muscle, aid in digestion, and will not spike your blood sugar. There are no preservatives, no mystery ingredients, and no sugar.

Do you have more questions about the nutritional and health benefits of UnbelievaBuns? Send us an email and ask!