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About Us Page

We bake bread without compromise 

UnbelievaBuns is redefining high-protein, low-carb bread. Unlike typical low-carb bread, which often tastes bland and has a rubbery texture, our bread is designed to be both nutritious and delicious. We wanted to create bread that you'd look forward to eating, without compromising on health.

Our mission was simple: to provide nutrient-dense, low-carb bread that tastes better than regular bread. We use only natural, healthy ingredients, with no hidden sugars, preservatives, or other artificial additives. The result: bread contains 17 grams of muscle-building protein, 7 grams of fiber, and just 1.8 net carbs—perfect for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing flavor.

UnbelievaBuns is the brainchild of Jerrod Adkins, who spent 10 years perfecting low-carb, high-protein bread-making in his home city of Charlotte, NC. Through innovation and a commitment to finding high-quality ingredients, Jerrod created a bread that helps build muscle, aids digestion, and won't spike your blood sugar. Free from preservatives and mystery ingredients, our buns are a super-tasty alternative to traditional supermarket bread.

Baked to perfection in Charlotte, NC, UnbelievaBuns provides a healthier and tastier choice for your meals. With our bread, you don't have to choose between healthy and tasty—you can have both.

Need more information? Check out our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions. Something else? Send us a message at any time. We'll answer as soon as we can.